At Happy Family Store, we’re steadfast in our dedication to holistic well-being, championing a foundation of care that supports and enriches the health of our community. We understand the importance of lasting bonds and the role they play in promoting wellness. Our philosophy is rooted in enhancing the inherent strengths of our patrons, embracing a continuous journey of knowledge and care. We honor and celebrate the diversity of every individual, ensuring our approach is as unique as the needs of those we serve. Committed to excellence and innovation in healthcare, family pharmacy is where compassion meets expertise, fostering a healthier, well-informed community.


We’re on a mission to revolutionize your pharmacy experience. At our store, we blend a personal touch with deep expertise to not just meet, but anticipate your health needs. We’re more than suppliers; we’re your neighbors, dedicated to your health journey every step of the way.


Happy pharmacy envisions being the heartbeat of community care, where every visit brings you closer to your best health. We see a future where your pharmacy isn’t just a stop for medication, but a hub of wellness, innovation, and support tailored just for you.

From Local Store to Global Health Hub

In 1992, at the dawn of our history, we were only one pharmacy located comfortably somewhere in a quiet corner of America. Just like any other small-town American drugstore, we saw our core mission as providing essential healthcare services to the local community, serving our neighbors and friends with personalized care and advice, and offering our customers low-priced, high-quality medications.

Growing Into a Countrywide Pharmaceutical Care Partner

As the years passed, our assortment of top-notch medicinal and healthcare products grew, and so did our expertise. Happy Family Pharmacy has become an integral part of the local community, a go-to place in times of need for the best care and assistance. Our team members have transformed into caring health advisors, knowledgeable in a vast variety of health-related matters. We soon realized that we could help even more people and began actively looking for ways to expand our impact and do good on a nationwide scale. This has led to Family stores being opened in 15+ locations across both the West and East coasts of the United States.

Having multiple locations around the country allowed us to reach more neighborhoods and bring affordable and quality pharmaceutical healthcare solutions to diverse populations. At that, our commitment to offering personalized community-focused care remained as strong as it was at the start of our journey. Each new branch of Family Pharmacy became a community hub, maintaining the same high standards and upholding the same values of expertise, compassion, and reliability.

Family Store Today

Today, Happy Family Store is a specialty pharmacy chain of over 15 brick-and-mortar retail locations based around the country, from sunny Florida and vibrant Georgia to laid-back California and evergreen Washington. Our team, working both at physical locations and online, consists of over 130 dedicated individuals, all united by a common goal to  offer exceptional healthcare services to local and global communities.

At our drugstore, you will find a wide variety of high-quality, inexpensive health and wellness products, from generic prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and compounded medications to herbal supplements and personal care items – all carefully vetted and organized into categories for easy search and ordering.

At HFS, we do much more than sell products to treat medical conditions – we provide a comprehensive and compassionate healthcare experience. Our additional services include online health consultations, MTM and medication synchronization, compounding, home delivery, health education, and others. 

Family Store Tomorrow

Looking ahead, Family store visualizes a future where it will continue to do what it does best – help people worldwide achieve their health goals effectively and with ease by providing them with exceptional quality generic medications at a budget-friendly price and offering a wide range of additional services to cater to their other healthcare needs.

Community Involvement and Impact

The impact of society plays a vital role in the pharmacy functioning. The emphasis is on interaction with local communities and the implementation of social projects in the territory where the company operates. That’s why understands that its role in society is not limited to commercial activities. Social responsibility becomes an important principle of the work, ensuring long-term and sustainable development in the interests of the entire society.

Local Health Initiatives

HFS has organized the “Academy of Sustainable Health”. This is a special training designed to teach people how to take preventative care of their health. The Academy has recently opened its courses in one of the pharmacies. All subsequent teachings are conducted monthly in the format of free webinars for everyone who wants to learn how to properly take care of themselves and love themselves. The invited speakers are: a nutritionist, a psychologist, a fitness trainer, a cosmetologist, and a sex educator.

HFS Pharmacy, as a socially responsible company, strives to contribute to the health of the nation. The pharmacy chain has decided not only to take care of the health and beauty with the help of drugs, medicines, and other company products but also initiated an educational mission designed to teach how to love themselves and take care of their own health with the help of such basic things as regular check-ups, refusal self-medication, self-care due to the prevention of diseases and preservation of external beauty. The main idea of the Academy is to teach how to take preventive care of their health.

Health and Wellness Focus

HFS corporation takes care of its patients and their health. We always carefully care about high service and adhere to all quality standards. Our pharmacy works exclusively with reliable providers and distributors that guarantee high-quality products.

Collaboration with healthcare professionals

Even though our specialists are experienced and communicative employees, they are constantly improving their knowledge and promoting the safe and effective use of medicines, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Our company constantly organizes meetings with international healthcare professionals who share their experiences and are responsible for solving important problems related to drug therapy, disease prevention, and hygiene. Continuous professional development allows us to become better every day and offer our clients the best service.

Partnerships and projects

The main activities of Happy Family Store within the framework of international and interregional cooperation:

  • implementation of direct connections with health authorities of foreign states, with foreign institutions and organizations;
  • cooperation in the field of professional development of specialists from medical institutions;
  • organization and provision of international forums, exhibitions, scientific and practical conferences on current issues of medicine, in particular, Family Pharmacy takes an active part in the preparation and conduct of events of the various scientific programs, such as:
  • the “Healthy Cities” project (an international project together with the Europe World Health Organization);
  • projects of the Nordic Council of Ministers “Health Economics”, “Quality of Life — Health and Culture”, “Health and Sustainable Development of Society”, etc.
  • exchange of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in other countries and the USA states.

We are the “go to” for customers.
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