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Do you and your child struggle to communicate?

Are you tired of power struggles?

Do you find yourself arguing with your child over the simplest things?

This evidence based, proven 10-week group will help improve your communication and alleviate stress between you and your child. By attending each session, you will receive training and coaching in a small group setting. You will practice the skills you learn during interactive, one-on-one sessions with your child.

Groups are geared toward families with children ages 6 – 12 years.
Parents, who have completed the 10 week group sessions, say:

  • “We are better able to hold conversations without arguing. We can enjoy each other’s company.”
  • “I have more communication with my daughter. She is more open to talk. When I’m frustrated with her I’m able to calm down.”

This could be the answer to the struggles you are having, improve communication, and strengthen your relationship!

  • It costs only $20 per session and includes children’s group for all of your children.
  • You must attend all 10 weeks. Cost of the 10 week group is $200.
  • Please contact us for more information or to register 303-695-7996. 

Let’s Connect® (LC) is an evidence-based, proven program to strengthen relationships between parents or caregivers and their children. In a 10-week group, families are taught the skills to listen, understand, and “connect” with each other on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Let’s Connect is an opportunity for families to build and strengthen the bonds between them, resulting in healthier and more productive family relationships. Let’s Connect’s innovative prevention and intervention program develops social emotional competence in adults and children; supportive relationships; and supportive emotional climates that foster security, belonging, and connection. The Let’s Connect approach is trauma-informed and resilience-informed and ground in decades of research.

Let’s Connect is a research based program from University of Colorado supported by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and exclusively offered by Families First. It can be offered to your agency and clients. To learn more about how you can offer this proven program, please contact us at 303-695-7996.

Let’s Connect