“Would you rather give your money to the state in taxes or to Families First?

It’s easy to make the choice to help children.”

Sally Newcomb, Families First Governing Board Member.

The State of Colorado encourages its citizens to give generously to cold care facilities providing care to children twelve years of age or younger. Your gift to Families First qualifies for a 50% state income tax credit through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit (CCCC).

For tax years 2011 and 2012 the availability of the child care contribution credit for a given tax year will be contingent upon sufficient revenue growth* for that year. If a credit cannot be claimed for the tax year in which it accrued because sufficient growth is not expected, it may be claimed for the next tax year for which a sufficient growth is anticipated. The availability of this credit for any tax year beginning subsequent to December 31, 2010 will be posted on the department’s Web site once it has been determined. [§39-22-121(6.7), C.R.S]

click here to download a .pdf copy of information about the Child Care Contribution Credit

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